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Bellini "Roxanne" Italian Sectional Sofa with Movable Cushions

$ 7,059.00 $ 9,299.00

Bellini sectional sofas can be custom designed with various modules and different color and quality leathers to suit your space, decor and budget. Roxanne is available as a traditional sofa and as a loveseat, also. The model as shown is on display in our showroom and is sheathed in a very nice (grade 35) white Italian leather and measures 100 inches side to side for the segment with the arm, 93 inches for the segment without the arm, 36 inches tall and 45 inches wide (front to back). It is a stunning and versatile heirloom piece of furniture. The cushions move back and forward (see photo) on curved armatures so that the sofa can be configured as a comfortable sitting sofa (cushions forward) or a lounge/sleeper sofa with the cushions in their back position (large enough for two adults). The sofa arm is also adjustable. The pieces are available for immediate "quick ship" out of Canada in white, light grey, and dark grey leather. Other colors will have to be shipped out of Italy and will take 8 to 12 weeks to arrive. Additional shipping charges may apply, depending upon if and to where the sofa is shipped.

Bellini makes many different, beautiful sofas in a variety of styles to suit your taste and preferences.