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Brackish Feather Bow Tie: Guinea Model (in-store purchase only)

$ 165.00


Hand made in South Carolina, these stunning bow ties are available at stores like Nieman Marcus in the USA, Harrods in London and in a number of boutiques in places like Paris and Bermuda, as well as at Objects of Desire in Findlay, Ohio.  The feathers (including molted turkey, pheasant, peacock, rooster and guinea feathers) are sustainably sourced from farms all over the country and are used in their natural state to produce bow ties that elevate a man's look, redefine tradition, and spark conversations.

The Guinea model is made out of Guinea Fowl feathers and is finished with a black Grosgrain Wrap wrap for a very formal but energetic look.  This tie is Brackish's best seller.

Each bow tie (which takes between 4 and 5 hours to craft) comes packaged in its own wooden box (branded with the Brackish initial "B") and wrapped in burlap.  The ties have an under-collar adjustable, hook on, wrap around strap that extends up to 20 inches for ease in putting on.  

Due to restrictions imposed by Brackish, this bow tie can only be sold in the shop.