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Chalk-A-Walk Sidewalk Drawing Contest Registration Form

$ 10.00

Chalk-A-Walk is a community sidewalk drawing contest taking place on September 15, 2018 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and co-sponsored by the Findlay Art League and the Hancock County Visitors and Convention Bureau. Teams of participants will be assigned a portion of the sidewalk on Main Street, Findlay, and will have a maximum of nine hours to create their group masterpiece, which will then be judged by a professional sidewalk chalk artist. At 7:00 pm five prizes of $100 each will be awarded to the winning team in each of the following categories:

 1. High school teams: 2. College teams; 3. Business Teams; 4. Church youth group teams; 5. Friends and family teams

 Registration to participate in the Chalk-A-Walk Sidewalk Drawing Contest costs $10 per participant. It is recommended that each team have between 3 and 5 members, one of whom should be designated as the "team captain". Chalk will be available to purchase from the Findlay Art League on the day of the contest, or you can use your own chalk.

In addition, participants who wish to improve their chances of winning are encouraged to sign up for a class on September 1st from xx:00 to xx:00 am teaching the fundamentals of sidewalk chalk drawing and taught by the professional sidewalk artist who will also be judging the contest. Registration for the sidewalk drawing class costs $10 per participant.

You may register participants online (above) by clicking on the "down arrow" next to "C-A-W Participant" and then selecting the blue "C-A-W Participant" and the blue "Class Participant" (if team members are going to take the class) and finally "Add to Cart," indicating the number of people you are registering for each option. Or you may go to the Findlay Art League website ( and download a form that can be submitted by mail or in person.