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Customizable LED Signs and Night Lights

$ 25.00

These incredible LED lit signs and night lights can be completely customized to your wishes. The night lights can be just text (with or without color), text and a drawing (with or without color), or they can feature a picture. Night lights can be lit with a variety of different alternative LED colors including white, red, green, blue, yellow, gold, etc.

Multicolor LED signs can be rectangular, irregular or circular in shape and hung (on a wall or in a window, for example) or designed to sit in a wooden base on a desk or shelf. and they come in a large array of sizes (from 5.5" x 4" to 31.25" x 16"). The wooden base models can be battery powered and plug in, or just plug in. These signs can be programmed to stay one color, fade and brighten, or change colors.

If you are interested in one of these beautifully rendered LED lit signs, please drop into the shop to discuss or call me at 567-301-2486 to discuss the many options you may choose to personalize this item.

The basic night light options with prices are listed above.