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Dominick Labino Signed and Dated Blown Glass Vase (1982)

$ 900.00

Dominick Labino was one of the pioneer innovators of the early Studio Glass Movement.  An electrical engineer by training, Labino worked at Owens-Illinois Glass Company where he was a plant manager.  But he continually experimented with glass art techniques in his home studio, and he was responsible for the a number of innovations (like the top burner furnace, which eliminated the need for a second furnace glory hole; the development of better insulation materials, that made annealing ovens more efficient; and the triple-hinged furnace door) that made the technology of making glass art in studios, rather than in factories, more feasible.

Labino's work shows great sympathy and understanding of molten glass, since he was working at the very extreme edge of the technical capabilities of the glass making art. Labino is well represented in numerous museums and private collections, including the glass collection of the Toledo Museum of Art, which has one of the most distinguished glass art collections in the world.  In fact, the largest glass sculpture in their collection is a piece by Labino.

This beautiful vase stands about 5 and one-quarter inches tall and measures approximately 3 and three-quarters inches wide at its widest point.  The vase is signed and dated by the artist and is accompanied by a Certificate of Provenance attesting to your ownership of an original work of art.