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E-cloth Kitchen Dynamo

$ 8.00


The E-cloth Kitchen Dynamo is a handy little pad for cleaning sinks, faucets, counters and inside mugs, cups and glasses. The extra-long fibers clean hard-to-reach areas under faucets and into corners, while the embedded scrubbing stripes are ideal for removing stufform gime and residue. With e-cloth you save time (no need to rinse and dry after cleaning) and money (no need to buy expensive cleaning chemicals), while enjoying better results and being kind to our environment and your family's health (since cleaning chemicals can create health risks for children and those who may suffer from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities). E-cloths can be washed 300 times and still retain their unique cleaning properties.  If you wash your e-cloth once per week, it should provide you with six years of money- and time-saving benefits.