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Stuart Henderlick 12" x 12" Hand-crafted End Grain Cutting Board

$ 105.00

This custom-made board is not only beautiful but very practical, as positioning the wood with its grain up rather than sideways helps avoid the typical downside of a well used wooden cutting board-that is, noticeable cuts on its surface.  Because Stuart Henderlich, the artisan who designs and builds these marvelous boards, positions the wood grain up, the knife blade tends to slide between the grains rather than across the grain as would be the case if the grain was sideways.  This design helps you preserve the gorgeous look of these hand-made boards made with a variety of woods from around the world.

The cutting board is approximately 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch thick and it has four small rubber feet to ensure the board is stable and to protect the surface upon which it is placed.

Stuart's studio workshop is located in Madison, OH.