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Local Artist of the Week: Jim Killebrew

I am Guy De La Terra, known in real life as Jim Killebrew.  As Guy, I create items from copper. 

While in the Air Force, I learned to fabricate with metal.  After my discharge, I continued to use this knowledge to make art.  Years ago, I made copper lanterns, decorated with pierced designs in the form of petroglyphs. 

For several years, I took a hiatus from making art.  In the recent past, I have become re-inspired to create. I first made copper wind chimes.  Lately I have been creating mobiles from copper, using ginkgo leaf motifs.   Ginkgo leaves inspire me because they are a form of Japanese decorative art representing longevity (the tree can live 1000 years) and endurance (Four ginkgos survived the blast of Hiroshima and are still living today).