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ManCan Candle - Coffee Scent

$ 17.00


The candle with "manly" scents packaged in a soup can designed for men by a thirteen-year-old entrepreneur, Hart Main, who in 2010 wanted a competitive racing bike, so he started this company in his hometown of Marysville, Ohio (with $100 of his own money) to earn more money for the bike. Since that time Hart has donated tens of thousands of dollars to various charities and hunger programs (and each ManCan soup can candle sold still generates a meal for someone at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter). Hart's business partner in Lisbon, Ohio now hand crafts the candles for Hart using a workforce of people with developmental disabilities. Hart has been recognized as an outstanding young entrepreneur by the National Federation of Independent Business (2015 Young Entrepreneur of the Year) and his candles have been featured on the Today Show, Family Circle Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many other media. The candle really does smell like your last memorable latte with espresso. .