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Live, Beautifully

Richard Ruehle Rustic "Living Edge" Shallow Red Gum Bowls (Nesting Set of 4)

$ 200.00


The Australian red gum tree (also called the river red gum) can live to be 1000 years old. This iconic Australian tree boasts a beautiful dark reddish brown wood which is highly prized in making distinctive furniture and other household items.  This "living edge" set of nesting bowls (with bowls ranging from roughly 10 inches in diameter to about 5 inches in diameter) is beautifully rendered as "primitive" or "rustic" due to the presence of characteristic cracks in the wood, some of which go completely through the bowls. Signed and numbered (#2528) by the artist.

This piece is accompanied by an official Certificate of Provenance issued by The Collector Gallery at Objects of Desire Artful Living attesting to your ownership of an original work of art.