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Saraye Tatami Style "La Hong" Purse: Curved Day Bag (Medium) Model

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Crafted (under the trade name Baskets of Cambodia) from Mekong River grasses harvested by artisan families that have been practicing their skills for decades, the grass stalks are hand-dyed and then woven into the beautiful tatami fabric color and texture combinations that distinguish these well-made purses from their imitators.

The Medium Curved Bag is noted for its innovative curved design, intended to better and more comfortably fit the natural curve of the body, while adding to its exotic appeal.  The purse is approximately 10 inches tall, 10 inches across, and 4 inches wide at its base.  The purse features smooth fabric straps and two interior pockets.

Saraye purses are produced under strict Fair Trade practices (meaning the purchase and sale of good produced by indigenous entrepreneurs who themselves must adhere to fair trade principles in their business practices, only selling products at a fair price sufficient to provide a living wage to the producers).