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Kristen Dukat "Tossed Salad" Glass Media Assemblage

$ 2,900.00

This work was created using a variety of casting methods including pate de verre, open mold casting, lost wax, and two part push molds.   Every piece of the salad was created from an actual leaf or vegetable and had it's own individual mold.  This was done by creating a silica plaster mold of each piece.  After the mold has dried (approximately a week), powdered glass is layered in the mold and fired to a temperature of approximately 1475F.   After cooling, the mold is removed and the glass "vegetable" is carefully cleaned and polished using a variety of grinding tools, equipment and techniques..

The assemblage is presented on a 10 inch by 10 inch clear glass plate.  This work is accompanied by an official Certificate of Provenance issued by The Collector Gallery at Objects of Desire Artful Living attesting to your ownership of an original work of art.