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At Objects of Desire Artful Living we seek to strengthen relationships by offering a collection of high-quality, hand-crafted, and life-enhancing, meaningful (and sometimes funny) gifts for someone special, as well as art to assist you in making an old room shine to heighten the enjoyment of your home. Our mission is to equip you to be a good gift giver or art aficionado and help you share beauty, thoughtfulness and meaning with the ones you care about the most.

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The company was established in 2014 by Dr. Paul Sears and is housed in a charming brick Victorian cottage (1870) that was in need of a great deal of “tender loving care”.  Paul was a business school professor and dean whose extensive study and teaching of the management concepts known as “design thinking” led him to discover his own passion for color and design as an esthetic and practical ideal for living life (as distinct from solely a management philosophy).  That passion led him to substantially upgrade the esthetics (and functionality) of the Victorian cottage in order to make it an attractive retail space.

In addition, his training as an economist (Yale and the London School of Economics) helped him to appreciate the economic perspective known as  “experience economics” which emphasizes the necessity of providing customers with memorable and even trans-formative, life-enhancing experiences, not just price-competitive goods and services, for long-term success.  This background contributed to the philosophy and practices embedded in our landmark Findlay, Ohio store and (to the extent possible) this website.

Finally, his 40 year commitment to teaching young, up-and-coming professionals how to behave professionally and ethically in an ethically-challenged world has helped inspire Objects of Desire Artful Living to choose to work with artists, crafts people, and manufacturers who respect others as well as the environment that we all share and whose commitments to the well being of society, or some aspect of it, are driving forces in their business models.  For its part, Objects of Desire Artful Living supports emerging artists in their efforts to enhance their craft and their positive impact on our shared society.

We welcome you to our online store and appreciate your comments and feedback.  You may contact me directly by email at or by phone at 567-301-2486.  Even better, drop by the store located at 214 West Front Street in Findlay, Ohio and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of wine with me.  Let’s chat.

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