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Bali "Two Tone Scroll" Sterling Silver Fair Trade Dream Ball

$ 75.00

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Each Dream Ball is an intricately designed .925 sterling silver pendant containing a brass bell that softly chimes, evoking a sense of overall calm and tranquility. This Dream Ball is distinguished by the delicate silver filigree scrollwork surrounding a brass inner ball.There are two special traditions in the Balinese culture with respect to giving Dream Balls as gifts. One tradition is that the Dream Ball represents timeless friendship. The other is when presented to an expectant mother, the Dream Ball's gentle chiming is believed to help soothe and relax both the mother and her unborn child. These Fair Trade treasurers are designed and handcrafted by talented artisans in Bali with generations of skill and knowledge. The Dream Ball comes with an 18 inch silver chain. A 30 inch black cord is also available as an alternative to the silver chain.