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Brien Strancar Round Murrini Vase

$ 220.00

Murrini are multicolored objects embedded in a glass vessel.  This vessel explores the interaction between color, pattern, and form.  The murrini were made by creating colored cups, which are then stuffed one into another to build the layers of color.  After being stretched from a thick log of color to a long thin cane, the glass is cooled and the murrini are cut and coldworked to create a thick, flat faced, coin of color.  The murrini are then fused into a sheet, rolled onto the blowpipe, and formed into a bubble.  By leaving the murrini thick, they create additional depth and interest in the object as transparent and opaque color layers flatten and shift within the wall of the vessel.

This striking and colorful piece stands about 7 inches tall and is approximately 5 and one-half inches wide at its widest point (the middle). It is signed by the artist and will be accompanied by a Certificate of Provenance attesting to your ownership of an original piece of art.

Brien Strancar is originally from Canton, Ohio and is a BFA graduate of Bowling Green State University who has been working in glass for over 10 years.  His numerous shows and exhibits include a solo exhibit at The Works (Newark, Ohio) as well as many juried and gallery shows in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Florida.

Brien works out of the Strancar Studios in Toledo, OH.