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Valentine Encaustic Painting Workshop: February 9th ALL-DAY Beginner-Intermediate Level

$ 99.00

February 9, 2019

Both workshops will be instructed by Beth Genson, a well-known encaustic artist.

9:00 AM to 12 NOON

This beginner-level encaustic workshop will give participants a hands-on introduction to the encaustic process. The class will start with the historical background of the medium and a demonstration of basic technique followed by hands-on studio time. You have a chance to explore materials and encaustic tools in a safe, comfortable studio environment. Topics covered will include: health and safety; an introduction to wax; how to start; and popular techniques and applications such as image transfer which you will be able to use to create a Valentine's Day themed item. If you’re familiar with the encaustic process and desire a refresher; or you’ve taken a longer workshop and want studio work time feel free to participate knowing an instructor is available to answer your questions. This workshop is ideal for anyone curious or interested in encaustic painting.  There is no experience or artistic background required.

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

This workshop will explore intermediate techniques and best practices for using wax. Develop your creativity using brushwork, fusing, layering, mark making and mixed media. Students will be introduced to current approaches to studio setup, tools and health and safety. This class examines specific characteristics that make wax a unique material to work with including opacity, temperature, adhesion, and texture. Additional techniques in encaustic will be explored including collage, printmaking, image transfer, and combining oil and wax. After demonstrations of various techniques, participants will work hands-on with the wax using a Valentine's Day related object for a substrate.  Artists working in any medium will find this workshop an exciting opportunity to grow their visual vocabulary with wax or participate in studio work time with the materials and equipment.