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E-cloth Pet Bathing & Cleaning Mitt

$ 12.00


The e-cloth high-performance two-sided pet cleaning mitt is a marvel of cleaning ingenuity. Extra long, soft dry fibers on the "fronded" side of the mitt attract and hold dirt, grease and dander by working deep into the fur for a deep clean, and hard-to-clean animals will enjoy the gentle stroking that they receive with the mitt. With e-cloth you save time (no need to use multiple cloths) and money (you can use less shampoo and soap with the mitt), while enjoying better results and being kind to our environment and your family's health.. When you are finished washing your pet you can use the smooth side to clean the tub, floor, or sink by picking up left over dirt and bacteria. E-cloths can be washed 300 times and still retain their unique cleaning properties.  If you wash your e-cloth pet cleaning mitt once per week, it should provide you with six years of money- and time-saving benefits. Can be used on either hand.