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Julia Knight 12" Florentine Gold/Sapphire Blue Pedestal Bowl

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Objects of Desire is exiting the Julia Knight line from our inventory due to space constraints, so incredible deals are available on these outstanding products.

Each piece of Julia Knight's Florentine Gold serveware line is a unique, sculptural work of art. Sandcast by hand in high grade, food-safe aluminum, each piece is hand painted with their trademark color enamel that is mixed with crushed Mother of Pearl for an especially lustrous finish.  Due to these hand crafted processes by skilled artisans, small variations will occur in the material, coloring and/or finish of the product, adding to the uniqueness and distinctive beauty of each piece.

Bowls and platters should be hand washed with a soft cloth and warm water and a mild soap (no dishwasher or abrasive cleaners).  Dry thoroughly immediately after washing to avoid spots from minerals that may be dissolved in the water. Take care not to store food or leave standing water in the bowl to avoid staining.  Avoid contact with acidic agents. Objects of Desire Artful Living offers a complete line of e-cloth cleaning cloths which require only water to clean and sanitize your serveware.

Each bowl comes boxed in its own gift box stamped with the Julia Knight signature in gold foil accompanied by a care instruction card.