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Large Horn and Silver Candlestick Holders (set of 2)

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These dramatically fashioned alpaca silver and horn candlestick holders are hand crafted for Babel Luxury in Argentina by descendants of the Inca tribesmen who were conquered by the Spanish conquistadors.  The Incas were famous for their silver and the workmanship they invested in their treasures, which is why the Spanish wanted to conquer them.  The Spanish further refined the natives' silver smelting and working techniques to the high level evident today in their descendants' work.

Alpaca silver is the alloy incorporating copper, nickel and zinc that is used today by these artisans. Because of its natural beauty, it will tarnish with time, so the occasional use of silver polish is advised.  However, the rich, deep luster of the polished silver is worth the effort to keep it beautiful.

The stunning dark brown candlestick shafts are made from native polished horn collected by the artisans from wild mountain goats, not from animals raised on a farm.  Therefore, the horn candlestick shafts may show evidence of the natural clashes that take place among the wild mountain goats using their horns to fight for a mate.  These horns are from animals that have died naturally.  The animals have not been killed for their horns.

These impressive candlestick holders stand approximately 16 inches tall (without the candles).