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Root Tea Leaf & Honey Scented Small Candle

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Since 1869, the Root Candle Company in Medina, Ohio has been making the finest candles in America. Their all-natural beeswax-based candles are blended with other natural waxes (like soy) to produce an extremely clean burning and long lasting flame (up to 44 hours). The natural cotton wicks are carefully and precisely engineered to complement the formulation and size of each candle in order to maximize your enjoyment of the flame and its safety. It is due to the safety and cleanliness of the burn that the only candle that is allowed to be used at the White House, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and hundreds of other historically significant buildings is a Root candle.

Scented candles incorporate various essential oils for a long lasting and aromatic bouquet that is always true to the fragrance identified on the candle container (in contrast to some foreign-made scented candles that only have scent added to the top of the candle so you can smell it before you burn it, but after you burn it the scent fades significantly). The colors are obtained from all-natural vegetable dyes rather than chemical compounds.

Tea Leaf and Honey is one of Root's new "Spring and Summer" fragrances. The scent is a refreshing blend of antioxident rich green tea leaves with notes of purifying bergamot mint, honey, and tart Meyer lemons creating the perfect cup of relaxation.