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E-cloth Window Cleaning Cloths (2)

$ 16.00


The window pack includes a waffle style cloth to remove dirt and grime from the inside and outside of windows and frames. The second polishing cloth dries glass to a sparkling smear-free finish, all using just water spray (nothing to streak!). E-cloths have 1.6 million fibers per square inch, much more than other microfiber cloths. By utilizing e-cloth's unique fiber technology with water, it is possible to break up and hold grease, grime and dirt, which other cloths can leave behind, without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals. With e-cloth you save time (no need to wipe chemical cleaning products away) and money (no need to buy expensive cleaning chemicals or paper towels), while enjoying better results and being kind to our environment and your family's health (since cleaning chemicals can create health risks for children and those who may suffer from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities). E-cloths can be washed 300 times and still retain their unique cleaning properties.  If you wash your e-cloth once per week, it should provide you with six years of money- and time-saving benefits.