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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

$ 75.00

A Himalayan pink salt lamp can help improve your health because it will release negative ions when heated by the replaceable LED bulb, and the negative ions will cancel out positive ions, thereby neutralizing positive electromagnetic radiation fields from TVs, cell phones and other electronic devices which have been reported to cause a variety of ill health effects. In addition, negative ions create a natural calming and mood enhancing effect, like a shower or waterfall. And, as salt attracts water vapor which tends to absorb and carry indoor air pollutants like ozone, allergens and even bacteria, it can help clean your indoor air. The water vapor dries on the surface of the heated salt lamp, leaving the pollutants on the surface of the salt lamp and thereby helping to purify your indoor air. Heated salt is also a recognized method for helping to relieve asthma and allergy suffering. And finally, the soft and beautiful pinkish-orange glow of the lit salt block has a calming and mood boosting effect.

These lamps are particularly striking and modern versions of a Himalayan pink salt lamp, positioning the salt block on a stand to enhance its visual impact. The salt block rests on a well-designed white plastic base which also positions the LED bulb for proper insertion into the salt block. Includes an electrical adapter to plug into an outlet in order to light the LED bulb