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Kristen Dukat Glass Wafer "View From Home Looking West"

$ 165.00

This one-of-a-kind mixed media pastel painting was done on a glass "wafer".  A glass wafer is a substrate created by sifting powdered glass and firing to an approximate temperature of 1300 degrees.  Once cooled, the surface resembles that of sandpaper. The artist then applied pastel chalks to the surface, creating an archival landscape of the view from her home looking westward. This framed 5 and one half inch by 3 and one half inch glass wafer portraying the pastoral view from her home establishes it as part of  the long-standing tradition in western art of portraying landscapes near an artist's abode.  The glass wafer is framed in a dark burgundy wooden mahogany frame with black accents (approximately 12 and one quarter inches by 10 and one quarter inches).