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Live, Beautifully

Local Artist of the Week: Kimberly Vaughn

Kimberly Vaughn was an artist of magic. She saw beauty in every aspect of life and used those experiences to create art. Every piece created was made with emotion whether it be of love, happiness, anger, sadness, grief, etc. She was inspired by nature and the whimsical elements of fairies and mythical creatures. Although you can’t look at a piece of art and know the amount of time or thought that went into every detail nothing was ever rushed with Kimberly down to the wax on every piece of string or the detail in picking a precise crystal. As an aspiring artist her grandmother influenced her creative mind from a young age with a book called “Silver Pennies.” The impact led her to live a life seeing the world as a magical adventure which she used her creative skills to share with everyone through her art.