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June 15 Meet the Artist and Book Signing (Free) Event: Josh Nealis (author)

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Josh is a young(er) Findlay-based writer who has written three books: Stuffed Squirrels & Porcelain Angels (2015), a very profane but wickedly funny book about John (he is just a guy), a very plain, unmotivated, and lonely guy who ventures down a humorous, but dark road of clumsy social interactions;  Judy and Her Blue Cape (2016), a children's book; and his latest creation, You'd Be Surprised! (2017), a collection of short stories and poems.  To make it easy for his fans, all the books are $12.  Drop by Objects of Desire Artful Living on Thursday, June 15th, between 5:00 and 7:00 pm for some wine and uncomfortable conversation and if you decide to buy a book you can get it signed by the author (and then sell it for a lot of money when Josh becomes famous).