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Michael Healy Solid Bronze Plaques and Signs

$ 50.00

If imitation bronze (i.e. painted aluminum) address plaques are not the type of marque with which you wish to represent your home, then Michael Healy's authentic solid brass plaques may be what you are looking for because of their un-excelled ability to be customized and their quality.

These artistic examples of decorative hardware are first custom designed by a skilled graphic artist to ensure that they express exactly what you wish to communicate. Using state of the art techniques, the design is then transformed into a customized three dimensional  representation which is then used to make an impression of the design in fine sand.  

The impression becomes the mold into which 2300 degree molten bronze is poured.  After cooling, the mold is broken away from the semi-finished bronze plaque, which is hand finished to highlight the raised numbers, letters and borders as well as the natural beauty of the bronze.

Finally, both sides of the plaque receive a baked polyurethane coating, similar to the clear coat finish on an automobile, that will provide years of protection for the hardware.

In recognition of the artistic heritage of the plaque, each one is signed by the artist, Michael Healy, to confirm its authenticity and the quality of its craftsmanship.  Michael Healy's talented artisans have been using the age-old techniques of bronze casting to produce plaques for the National Register of Historical Places for over 25 years. Bronze is an amazingly durable alloy which withstands the elements better than almost any other metal resulting in an plaque that lasts for ages.

There are a host of various plaque sizes, shapes, fonts, colors and mounting options which can be chosen for your application.  A few sample designs are shown on the website.  Contact Objects of Desire Artful Living ( or 567-301-2486) to discuss the details of your plaque so that a quote can be provided to you. Depending on the design, prices are likely to start at about $50.