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Paramount "Logan" Plush Mattress and Box Spring

$ 1,050.00


This is one incredible mattress.  One of the few mattresses made in the USA with a full 20 year, NON-PRORATED warranty.  So it is a very high-quality mattress that will give you an uncompromising good night's sleep.  What else is incredible about this mattress? Comfort and support.  It is the only mattress utilizing innerspring coil construction utilizing 475 12.5 gauge super-duty tempered steel coils with high-density furniture-grade specialty foams. Paramount uses higher-density foams than many other manufacturers.  Most manufactures use foam with a density of "1.0" whereas the Heavy Duty mattress uses foams with a density between 1.3 and 1.95.  What does that mean? It means that your Paramount mattress uses the heaviest and strongest support system in the mattress industry today.  Really.  Utilizing an exclusive Paramount design, the mattress's Tri-Zoned Foam Construction puts pressure-relieving gel memory foam where you need it most, in the shoulder to knee area, increasing support for your body in the center third of the mattress.  Then, Foam Encasement Technology combines 7 components to permanently seal and completely encase the innerspring coils to deliver a durable, comfortable seating edge and sleeping area.  Finally, the mattress is covered with a natural silk and wool blend fiber which adds another layer of comfort to the mattress while wicking away moisture and then the mattress is "compression" tufted by hand, securing the upholstery layers to ensure that they will not settle or shift over time.

And if that isn't enough, the box spring foundation is built with 18 slats of Amish kiln-dried spruce wood which adds additional support and durability (and looks like a piece of furniture inside the foundation).

In addition, this mattress is "Made in the USA Certified" and carries the USA-C Seal of approval, ensuring that your Paramount mattress contains AT MINIMUM 75% components made in the USA as certified through a rigorous supply chain audit to verify compliance.  It is also "CertiPUR-US" Certified assuring you that our flexible polyurethane foams and flame retardant have been independently laboratory tested and certified to meet high standards for low VOC emissions, no ozone emissions, no mercury, lead or heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no prohibited phthalates, and no PBDEs to ensure your mattress does not impair your indoor air quality and breathing as sometimes happens with less expensive mattresses.

Paramount is so confident of the quality of this mattress that their unparalleled 20-year non-prorated warranty differs from the standard industry 10 year prorated warranty in another important respect.  The industry standard "test" to see if the mattress needs to be replaced is a depression of at least 1 and one-half inches.  If a standard mattress has a depression of 1 and one-half inches or more, you will get a portion of your money back (i.e. the warranty is "prorated") depending upon the length of time you have owned it.  If you've owned the mattress for seven years, you will get 3/10 or 30% of your money back if the mattress evidences a depression of 1 and one-half inches or more. The Paramount Heavy Duty mattress warranty is not only not prorated, but the "test" that is used to indicate that the mattress needs to be replaced is only a 1 inch depression.  Even with Paramount's more generous and longer warranty coverage, only 1% of Paramount mattresses ever utilize their warranty, as compared to an industry average of 3%.  This is one quality mattress.