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Wheelhouse Terrier Socks

$ 12.00


Boston Terriers are America's "gentleman" dog. Small and compact, they are highly intelligent and very easily trained. They are friendly and "happy-go-lucky" and eager to please their owners. Why not return the favor and please your Boston Terrier by wearing these socks?

The Jack Russell (or Parson Russell)Terrier (originally bred to help hunt foxes) is a bold and clever terrier whose rallying cry is "dig". It is super-active, super-smart, charming and affectionate, but sometimes destructive and independent, also. Be super-smart and wear a pair of these socks.

The Scottish Terrier ("Scottie") is an independent and rugged breed that can make a good watchdog because they tend to be quite territorial, persistent and they have a loud bark. They are sometimes described as high-spirited power in a small package and are sensitive to praise or blame. Show approval for your Scottie by wearing a pair of these socks.

Originally bred as an Irish farm dog, the Wheaten Terrier is a happy, friendly and devoted pet with a stubborn, independent streak and makes a great family dog. Not overly timid or aggressive, this dog will appreciate your celebration of the breed with these socks.

The Yorkie is a great companion dog, small in size but big in personality which is somewhat "feisty" in nature. They are naturally smart, and because they were originally bred as working dogs to catch rats in the mines around Yorkshire, England, they enjoy both physical and mental stimulation. Keep your dog content by wearing a pair of these stimulating socks.

These socks are made in the USA and are 75% cotton, 20% nylon and 5% spandex. Machine wash in warm water, machine dry at a low to medium heat setting. Fits adult shoe size 6 to 8 and 1/2.